Sheikh Muhammad Saeed Hospital, Maternity, Korangi, Karachi

Campus Information

Campus name:Sheikh Muhammad Saeed Memorial Hospital, Maternity Home, Korangi, Karachi.
Campus Address:207,208,209,210 Gulshan-e-Sikander Korangi Crossing
Contact Numbers:021-35110446-8, 0335-2772312
Services Offered:Antenatal care both inpatient & outpatient including high risk pregnancies requiring multi disciplinary input, Normal deliveries, VBAC, Instrumental deliveries, Post natal care, Primary Neonatal care including immunization as per EPI program
OPD Hours:8.30am-4.00pm
Surgeries Offered:C-section, Hysterectomy, Laparotomy, ERPC, MVA, all types of surgical procedures for Genital prolapsed including Vaginal hysterectomy
No. of Beds:50
Emergency Availability:It is round the clock for all Gynecology & only Booked Obstetrical emergencies
Campus Doctors:Dr Farah Bari, Dr Samia Shuja, Dr Aisha Wali, Dr Farah Hameed, Dr Behrzar Amena, Dr Sheela Vanti, Dr Seema Zafar
Email ID Of Campus:[email protected]
Founded (Year):March 2013 by Dhelian Trust and handed over to TIH on 3rd August 2015
History & next steps:Before TIH management, SSMC was catering only low risk obstetrics patients till 4.00pm. After August we did as follows:-a-      Gyne services started in addition to Obstetrics
b-      SSMC was made functional round the clock
c-       2nd OT also made functional
d-      High risk patients entertained in coloration with main TIH
Future Plans:1- To expand our beds strength from 50-65 beds
2- To recognize this campus for Residency program by CPSP
3- To start minimal invasive procedures, both therapeutic & Diagnostic
4- To start our oncology services
5- To strengthen our Neonatology services
6- To offer food services to our patients