Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif Hospital, General, Bedian Road, Lahore

Campus Information

Campus Name:Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif Hospital, General, Bedian Road, Lahore.
Campus Address:Lidhar, Bedian Road, Lahore
Contact Numbers:0423-2560486-90
Services Offered:1.       All New patients arriving at the hospital for the first time go to the filter Clinic.2.       Patients are registered and are provided a unique Medical Record ID, since it’s a paperless hospital.3.       After Registration patients go through TRIAGE (Sorting process) and sent to the required OPD for basic tests and check-up. (Priority Level 2,3 & 4)

4.       Patients are seen in Filter clinics and if required are sent to the consultant clinic. Otherwise they are advised to follow-up in the filter clinic till they are fully treated.

5.       Emergency patients (Priority Level 1) visit Emergency department (open 24 hours) without going to the filter clinic.

6.       In consultant clinics, patients are seen for a possible admission or discharge once fully treated.

OPD Hours:8:00 am to 4 pm
Surgeries Offered:C- section, laparotomy, D&C, normal and forceps deliveries
No. of beds: Available60
Emergency Availability:7/24 for  Obstetrics (Registered patients maximum in 7th month of pregnancy ), Gynae and Paeds
Campus Doctors:Gynecologists, Pediatricians and Family medicine
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Founded (Year): Info N/A
History & next steps:›-  60 bedded THQ level Hospital was planned at land measuring 39 kanals 14 marlas at village Lidhar Bedian Road ›-  Hospital equipped with specialized health facilities of  Gynecology/Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Family Medicine.›-  Laboratory and radiological diagnostic facilities are also available.›-  Initially Gynae and eye camps were arranged in the hospital in June 2015, where substantial flow of patients was observed.›-  The hospital has been handed over to RTEH Trust and an agreement between the Govt. of Punjab Health Department, District Government Lahore and RTEH trust was signed in  August to operate the THQ hospital on the lines of RTE Hospital Muzzafargarh.

›-  60 Bedded Hospital has been established to provide Outdoor, Indoor and emergency facilities to the patients.


Future Needs:


–  ›Establishing of Neonatal ICU

–  ›Establish Gynae Intensive Care Unit

›-  General Pediatric Surgery

›-  Reproductive and Infertility Centre

›-  Center of Excellence for Women and Children