IHHN’s Public Private Partnership Capacity Enhancement Program

Introduction: Indus Hospital and Health Network (IHHN) remains steadfast in its unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services to the people. In pursuit of this vision, IHHN collaborates with a diverse array of stakeholders, ranging from local and international organizations to private and public entities. A prime example of this commitment is exemplified through our Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) with provincial governments. These partnerships are materialized with a vision to implement IHHN’s well-thought-out strategic growth and performance management model.

Strategic Growth Model for PPP: Our expansion strategy is methodical and purpose-driven as we diligently work towards fulfilling the core objectives of our partnership. We ensure quality performance, time-efficient management, monitoring system, impact, and transparency as measures to install structured and sustainable systems.

  1. Enhancing Public Sector Health Facilities: We have dedicated ourselves to revitalizing public health facilities, transforming them into comprehensive healthcare facilities offering extensive services. Additionally, work on not just delivery but also facilitate system development.
  2. Cost-Efficient Healthcare Model: We use these partnerships as a platform to develop a replicable, efficient, and cost-effective healthcare service model, ensuring access to quality care for all.
  3. Capacity Building: A central pillar of our approach involves fostering sustainable capacity within IHHN managed centers and hospitals, allowing them to thrive independently, which includes creating a culture of empathy, efficiency, punculaity, and essential technical skills. One of the key examples is establishing a paperless patient data system where staff and physicians are trained to code patients’ medical records and maintain them electronically.
  4. Human Resource Development: We take proactive steps to bolster the skills and capabilities of the healthcare workforce at the partnered institutions, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Our qualified and competent staff at Korangi Campus extends full support in training and facilitating the professional growth of the Indus network staff working at satellite campuses.
  5. Non-Commercial Focus: Throughout our partnership, we maintain an unwavering commitment to the public interest, steering clear of any commercial motives.
  6. Quality Control Mechanism: Our directorate ensures the quality of patient care offered at IHHN facilities, either owned or managed. Annual internal and external audits are done and published on the IHHN website to confirm transparency.

 Handover of Hospitals:

After a meticulous evaluation of the positive transformation witnessed in five public Tehsil Headquarter Hospitals managed through Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Lahore and the successful integration of our core objectives into their systems, IHHN is proud to announce the seamless transition of these hospitals back to the stewardship of the GoP. Over the course of five to seven years, our intervention has yielded substantial results, enriching these hospitals in Bedian, Kahna Nau, Sabzazar, Manawan, and Raiwind with enhanced systems and sustainable capacity. Notable achievements include the introduction of crucial services including but not limited to inpatient, outpatient, emergency, and daycare services coupled with laboratory and radiology service

Over a span of just three years, IHHN’s managed hospital network expanded from a solitary facility into five Tehsil Headquarter Hospitals in Lahore, positively impacting the lives of nearly 8.8 million individuals, where 5,524,380 were females, and 3,207,010 were males.

Continuing the Journey: It is crucial to underscore that this transition does not signify the end of our partnership; rather, it marks a new beginning. IHHN remains fully committed to the cause of accessible and quality healthcare in Pakistan. We are poised to continue our work in Multan and Muzzafargarh and assume responsibility for additional government hospitals, extending our proven, efficient, cost-effective, and top-notch healthcare delivery model to even more communities.

While we celebrate the successful transition of five public hospitals in Punjab, IHHN is concurrently engaged in delivering healthcare services across multiple hospitals through public-private partnership capacity enhancement program in Sindh, KP, and Baluchistan. Our determination to expand our footprint and work with various communities aligns seamlessly with our overarching vision of healthcare excellence for all. IHHN is now ready to invest its resources in other areas across Pakistan with tremendous needs.

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