Eid Bazaar

Within the compassionate embrace of the Indus Hospital and Health Network, in partnership with Unilever, a magical Eid Bazar was organized for innocent souls such as children wrestling with cancer and their apprehensive caregivers. This Eid Bazaar was a culmination of a series of festivities spread throughout Ramzan for patients with cancer where children joyfully engaged in arts and crafts entertainment sessions.

During Eid Bazaar, the typically somber corridor of the cancer ward was teeming with anticipation as eager parents and joy-filled children awaited their turn to enter the Eid Bazaar and receive their Eidi. Innocent faces, which are usually pale with pain, were shining bright at the sight of the colorful Eid Bazaar. Within these walls of the cancer ward, where time would otherwise seem to stand still, this bustling Eid Bazaar was set up for all children absolutely free-of-cost by Indus Hospital & Health Network.

As one entered the Eid Bazaar, one could see the generally dull play area transformed into a beautiful, colorful, and embellished festival. Mothers, fathers, and their children struggling with challenging health conditions like cancer toured the place with their shopping bags. The entire place was set up with stalls of fancy Eid clothes, shoes, churdiyan (bangles), henna for girls, toys, and coloring books for children, all of which were absolutely free-of-cost. Children gleefully visited each stall; they awaited excitedly as their attendants fit different sizes of clothes to them to finally find their perfect Eid Jora (clothes). The girls specially visited the stall for churdiyan to match it with their outfits and flaunt them to their friends and parents. Children continued exploring the bazaar with twinkling eyes and eager hearts, clutching their shopping bags like treasures.

In the radiant glow of their smiles, parents found solace and gratitude through the Eid Bazaar. It was a serendipitous gift, unexpected yet profoundly cherished, illuminating their journey with moments of pure joy amidst the trials they face.

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