For Healthcare Professionals

Education, training and research is an integral part of the The Indus Hospital. We offer Postgraduate Medical Education and wide array of Continuing Education programs for healthcare professionals. To further increase the knowledge base in the hospital and improving patient care, The Indus Hospital Research Centre is focused to develop low cost effective solutions for the underprivileged communities.

Postgraduate Medical Education

We offer a range of residency and fellowship opportunities for healthcare professionals looking to advance their careers in clinical and professional education.

Continuing Education

We offer regular continuing education programs for our medical, nursing & allied health staff to keep them updated with the changing trends in healthcare service.

The Indus Hospital Research Centre

With a strong emphasis on innovation and research, The Indus Hospital established a partnership with Interactive Research and Development (IRD), a non-profit research and service organization committed to save lives through improvements in global health.

The Indus Hospital and IRD established the Indus Hospital Research Center (IHRC) for targeted efforts focused towards improving health in underprivileged communities and low-income households.

Transforming Hopes to Happiness

Annual Report 2015-2016
Learn more about our accomplishments in patient care and our plans to become the first healthcare network in Pakistan.