Open your heart, Be generous with your Zakat and Donations

In these challenging times, The Indus Hospital is fighting on two fronts – the COVID-19 crisis and emergency healthcare services. With the increasing volume of patients, our need for funds has tremendously increased.

Help us continue to provide absolutely free and quality healthcare services to all – Open you heart and be generous with donations and Zakat.

How Zakat is utilized at Indus Health Network

Based on the policy and guidelines provided by the IHN’s Shariah Supervisory Committee and Zakat Committee, Zakat fund is solely used for the treatment of the eligible patients – the Mustehqin. The disbursement of the fund is through a transparent process where the patient allows the Hospital to use Zakat for his/her treatment. To ensure our donors have visibility over the utilization of their Zakat, audited accounts are publically available



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