Our International Chapters

Our International Chapters

Friends of The Indus Hospital, USA Chapter

Friends of The Indus Hospital Inc.  is  a  501(c)  tax-exempt  charity  established  to  support  The  Indus  Hospital. The goal of FOIH is to raise awareness, amongst the Pakistani expatriates in the US and international donor agencies   about   the   trailblazing   efforts   of   The   Indus   Hospital in order to raise funds for sustaining the provision of free healthcare services. The Friends of Indus Hospital is  driven  by  a  highly  passionate  and  successful  group  of  professionals  who  have  a  wealth  of  medical  knowledge  and fundraising experience at hand.

The Indus Hospital United Kingdom Charity

The Indus Hospital charity is a registered charity in the UK established to support The Indus Hospital. The charity’s purpose is to raise funds for the tremendous effort being made by The Indus Hospital  in  Pakistan.  Donors  from  United  Kingdom  and  Europe  are  able  to  donate  to  TIH  through this charity.

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