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The Indus Hospital’s Coronavirus Testing Capacity Set to Expand Rapidly

Karachi A well-prepared and well-equipped laboratory is the first line of defense against COVID-19. Recognizing the urgent need for accurate and safe testing The Indus Hospital’s BSL 3 Laboratory has come forward to host the testing service for the patients coming to any of the Indus Health Network’s healthcare facilities as well as supporting the Government’s

The Indus Health Network Pays Tribute to the Front Line Heroes in the War Against COVID-19

Karachi, Pakistan The COVID-19 is the most destructive pandemic of the century which is not respecting any border, any religion, and any ethnicity. It is killing anyone and everyone who is weak and is in the virus’ reach. It reached to Pakistan in February and since then the doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, supportive staff are in the battle field. They are risking their lives,