Monthly Archives: November 2019

MedGlobal Equips Remote Primary Care Facilities Butterfly Ultrasounds

The Indus Health Network in collaboration with MedGlobal is rolling out Point Of Care (Butterfly) Ultrasounds to its remote Primary Care Facilities across Pakistan. This revolutionary technology allows vulnerable communities in rural Pakistan to access ultrasound examination facility in real time. Early identification of abnormalities will allow for early treatment

The Indus Hospital’s Pediatric Oncology Nurses Participate in International Society of Pediatric Oncology Congress

Karachi, Pakistan November 4, 2019 The 51st International Society of Pediatric Oncology Congress held in Lyon, France. The four-day congress was held from October 23 – 26, 2019. This year the theme was ‘no child should die of cancer’. The annual congress is meant for the healthcare providers and it offers a platform for people working in the Pediatric